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Audrey spells out to Rosie that she's underage and what she's doing with Craig is illegal. While getting her hair done later, Sally tells Audrey what a great relationship she has with Rosie and Sophie and how they tell her everything. Audrey keeps her counsel.

David's furious to find Phil moving in. He doesn't believe his flat is flooded and resolves to go and check it out. He is caught by the police trying to break into the flat, and when Gail decides to forgive him Phil thinks she's too soft with David.

Meanwhile, Dev's annoyed that Amber has been telling everyone he's her dad. She can't understand Sunita's animosity towards her until he explains that Sunita thought their babies were his only children.

Eric tries to persuade Carol to have Christmas dinner with him in a posh hotel but she insists she wants to spend Christmas with Jamie. When she arrives home she finds Frankie and Jamie sharing a joke of the sofa and feels left out and jealous. She later sees them again in the pub and her twisted mind starts to read too much into their relationship. Carol tells Eric she will spend Christmas with him after all.

Elsewhere, Sophie wants a Blossom booster bra for Christmas. Rosie takes the mickey. And Eileen's upset Todd's not coming for Christmas. She blames Jason and Sarah.


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