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Keith and Audrey agree to visit the evening Christmas market in Salford. Keith suggests they walk there to save money but Audrey insists they take a taxi. Carol makes snide comments to Frankie about the way she's decorated the Christmas tree. When Jamie admires it, Carol passes it off as her own handiwork. David shows Gail no respect which annoys Phil. When Phil asks him how he'd feel if they had Christmas dinner together, David's just dismissive at the notion. Kelly takes Lloyd to the Clock and proceeds to flash her winnings about. Lloyd's cross with her and leaves her to it. Rosie lies to Sally saying she's staying at Imogen's in Alderley Edge when really she going over to No.6. Kelly's mugged by a guy saying he's got a knife. She loses her new bag, watch, phone and all her money. Mike has a couple of memory lapses which he quickly covers up. Lloyd collects Kelly from outside the police station and comforts her. Rosie and Craig have sex for the first time. Rosie stays the night. Keith and Audrey are oblivious.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Craig tells Rosie he loves her - a revelation that has the teenage couple heading for the bedroom. Kelly is targeted by a mugger, and David's bad attitude shocks Phil.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,950,000 viewers (10th place).
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