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Steve's annoyed to find Vernon's stayed in his flat with Liz. He falls over Vernon's drum kit in the kitchen. Rosie's in floods of tears because she caught Craig eating sausage rolls at the party when he's supposed to be vegetarian. Eric Talford apologises to Carol and she agrees to carry on working at the bookies. Lloyd enjoys needling Steve over the fact that Ronnie now has her own flat. Kelly tells Lloyd she expects something expensive for Christmas. Lloyd explains he's broke but it falls on deaf ears. Gail gets a call to say David's playing truant from school and not for the first time. Dev and Sunita are arguing in the corner shop when Amber suddenly arrives. Sunita leaves feeling uncomfortable. Amber tells Dev she hates him. Kelly wins £2,500 on a lottery scratch card. She buys all the girls a drink and promises to take them all into town. Amber quizzes Dev as to why he didn't marry her mother. Gail tries to tackle David over his truancy but he just walks off leaving Gail frustrated. Craig apologises to Rosie and they make up. Adam continues to needle Danny behind Mike's back. Danny's determined to catch him out. Amber tells Dev that whether he likes it or not, he's her dad and she's staying around.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Adam tries to push Danny out of the Baldwin nest, but his brother is determined to keep his cool; a cash-strapped Lloyd is astonished when girlfriend Kelly wins thousands on a scratch card; Rosie reveals a sausage roll was responsible for her break-up with Craig; and Amber confronts Dev at the shop.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,720,000 viewers (5th place).
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