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Fred stays the night at the Rovers. Shelley jumps to the wrong conclusion and is embarrassed when Bev explains he stayed on the sofa as he'd forgotten his key. Adam tells Penny about Mike sacking Hayley and the missing cheques. Carol can't face going back to work at the bookies after her humiliating evening. Mike asks Hayley why she's not at work. Bemused, she tells him that he sacked her. Mike has no recollection of the conversation but covers up saying it was a misunderstanding and tells her to get back to work as soon as possible. Penny is seriously worried that he's losing his marbles. Hayley is frosty towards the factory girls for not standing by her and refusing to strike. Adam continues to suck up to Mike and wind Danny up. Mike is delighted when the accountant phones saying he's located the missing cheques. Danny is still annoyed at Mike for accusing him of stealing. Rosie and Craig leave for the Oakhill School Christmas ball. Sally is furious when she finds Rosie's taken the scissors to her new ball gown to give it a goth look, but her opinion changes when Rosie's friend Imogen says how impressed the art master will be. Lloyd borrows £10,000 from the bank to pay off Tina. Kelly is pleased and agrees to go out with him again. Danny tells Leanne how Adam is trying to undermine him. Danny resolves to get the better of both Mike and Adam before they destroy the business.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Mike's increasingly erratic behaviour causes extreme concern, as he forgets he sacked Hayley; Shelley wants to know exactly what Fred's intentions toward her mother are; and Sally buys Rosie a posh frock for the school ball - only for the rebel teenager to make a few gothic alterations.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,730,000 viewers (4th place).
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