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Danny's shocked to receive a letter from Frankie's solicitor starting divorce proceedings. Leanne tries to convince him that she's his future but Danny's unconvinced. Shelley, Sunita and Violet have a girls' night in. They play tricks on their ex-boyfriends. Dev receives a pizza order he didn't want, Charlie a taxi and Violet puts a notice up in the phone box advertising Jason as a gay masseur. Craig leaves for a field trip in the Peak District. Rosie tells him how much she's going to miss him. Shelley invites Liz to the girls' night in but she turns her down in favour of Vernon. Mike spots a problem with the accounts saying some cheques have gone missing. Adam insinuates to Mike that Danny's the thief. Keith cooks dinner for Audrey and they awkwardly admit that they have feelings for one another. Danny finds himself continually comparing Leanne to Frankie, which annoys Leanne. Jason's delighted when Sean has to work at the last minute meaning the house is empty. He phones Sarah who immediately goes round. Steve's upset when Ronnie insists on going home to her flat. He's even more put out when tipsy Liz brings Vernon home and they head for the bedroom. Keith tentatively suggests Audrey could stay the night. Admitting she finds him attractive, she agrees and they kiss.


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