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Tracy's spent the night with Charlie. She enjoys rubbing Nathan's nose in it. Ken and Deirdre are appalled at Tracy's behaviour. Fred receives an invitation to the annual brewery dinner dance. Shelley and Bev have a wager on who he'll invite. Bev fixes it so he ends up inviting both of them. Both Gail and Eileen independently refuse to let Jason and Sarah use their houses as neither approves of the relationship. Steve is still feeling hurt over Ronnie wanting to move out but she assures him she doesn't want them to finish. Frankie's broke and at Eileen's suggestion, asks Jamie and Carol to start paying some rent. Kevin, Sally and Sophie pay Nicolette and her parents a visit. Sally's miffed to see her cousin Paul has obviously gone up in the world. When Nicolette's parents tell Sally they're worried about the influence Sophie is having on their daughter Sally's incensed. Nicolette and Sophie are banned from seeing each other. Deirdre admits to Ken that although she loves Tracy she finds her horrible. Jason and Sarah are delighted when Charlie lets them use his flat for sex. Lloyd tries to make up with Kelly but she pours a drink over him. Sally arrives home feeling humiliated by her relations.


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