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Rita and Norris, Fred and Bev, and Diggory and Liz leave for the Weatherfield Traders' Association dinner dance. Emily feels sorry for herself at being left behind. Keith discovers Audrey lied about the suit and it's a new one. Telling her he's not a charity case, he storms off refusing to go to the dance. Carol's trying to poison Frankie against Danny but it's not working. Frankie admits to Eileen and Deirdre she still loves Danny and although she can't forgive him she wants to give him one more chance. At the dance Norris refers to Rita as his partner to her embarrassment. Audrey's lonely, especially as Fred only has eyes for Bev. Diggory's upset when Liz flirts with Vernon Tomlin, the drummer in the band who are playing. He proceeds to get drunk. Fred and Bev kiss. Leanne pleads with Jamie to give her one more chance but he refuses. Danny finds her upset and takes her back to his flat. Danny and Leanne row, both blaming each other for ruining their relationships. Their anger turns to passion and they end up in the bedroom. Frankie calls round to Danny's flat. She's prepared to give him another chance but is horrified to then discover Leanne in the bedroom. Keith turns up at the dance and apologises to Audrey. Audrey's upset and tells him it's too late they're finished. Drunken Diggory gives a speech to the Association. He makes a fool of himself and resigns as president. Frankie's distraught at finding Danny and Leanne together. Leanne stays the night with Danny. They both realise they've lost everything and have nobody else to turn to.


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  • First appearance of Vernon Tomlin.
  • TV Times synopsis: Frankie regrets her decision to ask Danny for a divorce and decides to give her wayward husband one more chance - only to find him in the throes of passion with Leanne. Stung pride means Keith refuses to accompany Audrey to the Traders' Ball; while Fred and Bev fare better in the love stakes as they grow closer during the evening.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,910,000 viewers (7th place).
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