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Claire persuades Ashley to keep his training date with Nathan, and to vent his anger with Tracy out on a punch bag. Tracy insists on going with Nathan to training. At Ashley's insistence, she leaves, but not before throwing a few more insults on her way out. There's been a last-minute cancellation at the register office. Les drags Cilla away from her work at the chippy - they've got an hour to get there and back before Mr Wong is due back. Ashley gets even more worked up when Nathan tries to defend Tracy's behaviour. Molly is about to kiss Kirk when Les interrupts to drag his best man to the wedding. Ashley continues a barrage of abuse about Tracy. Nathan leaves the boxing ring, but Ashley grabs him and spins him round. Nathan delivers a clean punch and Ashley is out for the count. Sarah visits Jason at the yard and tells him she wants a proper date. Ashley is in a mess. Realising it's serious, Nathan calls for an ambulance. Cilla is now officially Mrs Battersby-Brown and goes back to the chippy to continue her shift. Fiz can't control her jealousy when she sees Kirk and Molly together and punches Molly. She realises that she's played into Molly's hands. Nathan tells Claire and Fred that it was all an accident. They hear that Ashley needs surgery after a scan revealed his retina in his left eye may have detached and haemorrhaged. He may only regain partial vision, or worst case, lose the sight in one eye.


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