Fiz tries to please Kirk by bringing him a shirt she's washed and ironed. Her plan backfires when Kirk erupts, saying she's even trying to tell him what to wear now. Norris insists on giving Dev marital advice. Dev is left feeling worse than ever. Keith is livid to hear that every one of the Christmas pork orders has been cancelled. Emily was one of Keith's customers. She tells Sally that she admires Rosie for the courage of her convictions and she'll make her mark in life. Dev is choked up as Tracy enjoys goading him about his failed marriage. Tyrone tells Fiz that nothing's going on with Kirk and Molly, and advises her to go easy on Kirk. She tells Kirk that she'll do things his way from now on. Jason is dismissive when David tries to blackmail him again. David loses his temper and lunges at Jason, but as Jason tries to hold him off, David falls to the ground. Gail's furious when David says that Jason attacked him. She calls the police. Charlie questions Jason about the fight, but Jason plays dumb. Eileen drags him out of the Rovers to explain his actions at home, with a curious Violet following. Molly persuades Kirk that Fiz is manipulating him. He tells Fiz that he needs some space. A visibly upset Fiz agrees to give it to him. The police arrive to question Jason. Rosie and Craig are horrified to hear that Keith has sold the pigs to Fred. Gail is hot on the police's tail and a slanging match with Eileen breaks out. Phil arrives and confirms Jason's story, much to Gail's embarrassment.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 10.00pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: David grows increasingly sorry for himself, feeling rejected by his absent father and jealous of his mother's new relationship with Phil; and Molly is disappointed to hear Fiz and Kirk have made up.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,750,000 viewers (11th place).
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