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Jason tries to make out to David that he's there to inspect some shelves. David's not fooled and tries to blackmail Jason. Jason back-pedals over finishing with Violet but Sarah leans heavily on him. Bev gently suggests that Sunita may need Dev around once the babies are born, but Sunita is adamant that she can't trust him any more. Sarah lures Jason into the ginnel and seduces him - he can't keep his hands off her. David succeeds in blackmailing a guilty Jason out of £20 to keep quiet. Fiz tries to make Kirk see that Molly is coming between them, but Kirk is insistent that Fiz is a bully and that he has to stand up to her. Craig and Rosie visit Tyrone with Porky the pig on a lead. Tyrone's horrified when they tell him exactly where Vera's Christmas belly of pork will come from. David tries to buy lager from the corner shop. He throws insults at Dev when he gets turned down. Things are going well for Roy and Hayley. She's thrilled with his success but Roy is determined to keep his feet on the ground. Jack's outraged to hear that Vera's cancelled her pork order with Keith after Porky's visit.


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  • TV Times synopsis: After catching Sarah and Jason together, David blackmails the two-timing builder; Bev tells Sunita to think hard before she cuts Dev out of her life; and vegetarian warriors Rosie and Craig hatch another plan to stop the residents eating meat.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,620,000 viewers (4th place).
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