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Jamie tells Carol that he's booked her into an alcoholics support group meeting. Sally makes Kevin give the girls a list of chores to do round the house. Danny tells Frankie that Warren phoned to say that his football club is holding a centenary celebration and all the players' families are invited. He suggests that Frankie and Jamie should go for Warren's sake. Frankie's tempted. Carol does her best to poison Frankie against Danny, telling her that she must never forgive him for what he's done to her. Carol gets a job at Talford's Bookies on Rosamund Street. Frankie tells Danny that she's not going to Spain with him. Danny can tell Carol's been stirring it and vows to get rid of her. Sunita visits Dev at their new house. He tries to explain why he kept his children a secret but Sunita's adamant he's not the man she thought she'd married. Sophie sees the list of chores is in Sally's handwriting, not Kevin's. Realising their mum's still the "bad cop" really, they trash the front room to wind her up. Carol's going cold turkey and dying for a drink. Sally explodes when she sees the mess at home and becomes her old "bad cop" self. Jamie tries to drag his mum to the alcoholics meeting but she throws a glass of water over him. Sunita realises there's no future for her and Dev. She tells him she wants a divorce.


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