Carol moves into No.7 with Frankie and Jamie. Danny warns them it'll be a disaster. Sunita's upset realising she should have been moving into their new house today. Tracy enjoys embarrassing Claire by talking about her love life. Roy's pleased when Ken shows him Paul Riley's article in a national newspaper in which he's very complimentary about Roy’s full English breakfast. Dev's distraught thinking Sunita's going to abort their babies. Kevin's annoyed with Sally when she buys Sophie a pair of expensive trendy trainers. Sally's enjoying her new role of "nice cop". While nobody's around Carol helps herself to some wine from the fridge. Dev's in utter despair as he sits in his new house surrounded by the all the new baby furniture. Carol disappears to the loo in the Rovers. When she emerges she's completely drunk. Frankie and Jamie carry her home. Jamie tells her she'll have to leave as he can't cope with her. Carol admits she's an alcoholic. Sunita arrives back from town upset. Dev's put a stop on all her bank cards. She opens a letter to find it's an injunction from Dev trying to stop her aborting the babies. Sunita cries as she'd no intention of going ahead with an abortion and can't believe that their relationship has sunk so low.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The cots arrive for the twins, sending Dev into despair. Meanwhile, Sunita admits to Shelley she only threatened to have an abortion to hurt her husband's feelings; Carol can't resist the wine in Frankie's fridge, and finally admits to Jamie that she's an alcoholic; while Tracy's plans with Nathan are ruined.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,150,000 viewers (9th place).
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