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Sunita quizzes Dev about the photo but he's evasive. Sunita's worried. Violet's upset when Jason ignores her. It's obvious his mind's elsewhere. Sophie tells Kevin how a girl at school keeps taking the mickey out of her trainers. Kevin buys her some new ones. Sally's cross as there's nothing wrong with her old ones. Jamie arranges another date with Joanne promising it'll be better than the last one. Sunita pours her heart out to Shelley telling her about the photo. Paul Riley calls in the cafe again. He tells Roy he wants to do an article about him but Roy's reluctant. Hayley however thinks he should go ahead. Charlie tells Jason it's obvious Sarah fancies him. Jason is embarrassed. Sunita discovers Dev's been lying to her. He secretly visited Ravinder in hospital that morning. Carol phones Jamie saying her house in Birmingham's been broken into. She arranges to meet him in the Rovers. Sunita shows Shelley one of Dev's files which proves Ravinder is living in the flat above the Eccles shop rent-free. Janice sees Carol in the Rovers and buys her a vodka as a peace offering. Carol can't resist and starts drinking again. Jason apologises to Violet for ignoring her and they arrange a night out. Sunita pays Ravinder a visit. She's shocked to discover Dev and Ravinder had a relationship years ago and Amber is Dev's daughter.


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