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David's upset when Martin says he can't come and stay as he's still got jobs to do around the place in Liverpool. Sarah lures Jason round to No.8 on the pretext of measuring up for some shelves in the cupboard under the stairs. Ambers's getting on Dev's nerves. Sunita tells him he better get used to it as they've got twins on the way. Violet can sense Jason's distant with her but can't put her finger on it. Paul Riley, a chef from a posh French restaurant in Chorlton calls in Roy's Rolls and compliments Roy on the standard of his English breakfast. Jamie meets Carol in the Rovers. He's gobsmacked to see her looking a million dollars. She tells him she's given up alcohol. Jamie's delighted. Jamie takes Carol back to No.7 where Frankie's having a glass of wine. Carol starts lecturing Frankie about the evils of drink. Frankie listens in disbelief. Sunita takes Amber back to her flat. While she's there she spots a photo of Ravinder with Dev which seems a bit odd. Jason calls round to Sarah's. They start snogging but then Jason feels guilty and leaves. Sarah's disappointed.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Carol takes Jamie out to dinner and says she's cleaned up her act; Sarah makes eyes at Jason when he comes to measure up for some work; and David tries to deal with recent life changes.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,600,000 viewers (6th place).
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