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Jimmy Clayton continues to threaten Steve and Ronnie with his gun. He tells Ronnie he wants her back. Gail's shocked when headmaster Mr Lewis's secretary calls her to say David's been found drunk on the school playing fields. Lloyd arrives at the farm and manages to push Jimmy out of the way with his car. Steve and Ronnie escape in Lloyd's car, but Jimmy soon gives chase. Jimmy tries to force Lloyd off the road but he loses control and ends up crashing through an outbuilding. Candice receives a fax from Status Quo's roadie Barney saying they'll pick her up at 3.00pm to take her on tour. Candice excitedly packs her things. Mr Lewis suspends David from school until Friday. Fiz tells Kirk to sack Molly as it's obvious she fancies him. Kirk refuses saying she's good at her job. At 3.15pm Candice realises the fax was a hoax and her job with the Quo was a fantasy. She wonders how she'll be able to face her friends. Barney finally shows up explaining how the band's limo broke down. Candice is delighted. She says goodbye to Audrey, Sarah and Maria and leaves. Sarah delightedly tells Audrey that she can have Candice's job at the salon now.


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