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Martin and Robyn are excited at the thought of moving in together. Sarah bumps into loved-up Jason and Violet. Jason can't look her in the eye. Phil spots Gail in the cafe. They're awkward with each other but it's obvious they still fancy one another. Dev boasts to everyone about his and Sunita's new house. Kelly's furious when Lloyd cancels their date again. She decides to seek revenge. Ronnie's pleased when she may have landed the Harlows Restaurant contract for Street Cars. Lloyd meets Kelly for a quick drink before his supposed darts committee meeting. While his back's turned, Kelly slips sachets of laxatives into his beer. Martin calls round to No.8 to tell Gail, Sarah and David he's moving to Liverpool next week. David's out but Sarah's pleased for him. Gail's sad knowing she'll miss him. Sarah's texted Jason but had no reply. Scooter wonders why she keeps checking her phone. Lloyd suddenly doubles over in pain. Kelly's really worried. Violet moves back into No.11. Jason's delighted but feels uncomfortable when he sees the text messages from Sarah. Lloyd's taken to hospital. Kelly's beside herself and admits to the doctor she laced his beer with laxatives. The doctor says she might have caused him serious harm.


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