Janice blames Danny for Leanne's departure and makes a point of taking extra fag breaks and working at a snail's pace. Jimmy Clayton threatens Ronnie in the Rovers insisting she return home to him, but Ronnie refuses to be bullied telling him it's over between them. Janice tells Jamie that Leanne's gone away. He says he doesn't care. Liz tells Steve that Jimmy's in the Rovers threatening Ronnie. Steve rushes over but he's gone. He tells Ronnie he's going to find Jimmy and have it out with him. Les asks the vicar about church weddings. He gets depressed when the vicar explains the rules of the Church realising he and Cilla have no chance. When Les discovers the church is left unlocked all day he starts to form a plan. Deirdre's incensed when Norris tells her Ken's banned him from selling her fags. Janice is on a go-slow at work. Danny gives her a dressing-down but Janice stands her ground explaining he's lost all his authority now. Robyn explains to Martin how her policeman brother ran a check on him and she knows he's been charged with assault and suspected of murder. At Blanche's insistence, Ken agrees to give up coffee if Deirdre will give up fags. Martin explains to Robyn what happened. She leaves not sure what to think. Steve tries to reason with Jimmy telling him that Ronnie won't be coming back to him. Steve thinks the meeting went well but meanwhile Jimmy wants revenge and resolves to make Steve pay.


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