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Carol's desperate for Jamie's love and consumed with jealousy towards Frankie. Danny admits to Adam he's behaved like a complete idiot. Lloyd's fed up as Jimmy Clayton continues to sabotage Street Cars with hoax calls and oil on the car seats. Gail's disappointed thinking Phil hasn't phoned her, however David's been deleting his messages. Keith tells Fred he's pre-sold three of Porky the pig's legs for Christmas. Fred points out the pig only has two legs and two hands. Keith gets another pig and with Audrey's help, puts it in the garden with Porky. Carol calls round to see Danny. She gets drunk and admits she still loves him and wants them to get back together. Danny's appalled and throws her out. Deirdre calls for Liz and is embarrassed when Andy the toy boy is there in his boxers. Liz gets a shock when Andy introduces her to his mother Sheila and Sheila suggests they could have a foursome with Liz's son Steve. Liz dumps Andy. Bitter Carol suggests Jamie should come and live with her in Birmingham. When Jamie refuses saying Frankie needs him, Carol's fury is evident.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Carol goes to see Danny, keen to let him know just how badly he's let Jamie down - but ends up trying to seduce him after a few drinks; Streetcars is plagued by hoax calls as Ronnie's ex-husband makes his presence felt; and Liz gets a shock when she meets her toyboy's mother.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,140,000 viewers (5th place).
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