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Liz spends the night at Steve's flat with Andy, her toy boy. Steve's unimpressed. Ronnie's husband Jimmy Clayton calls in the cab office. He tells Lloyd he knows Ronnie's working for him and threatens have him beaten up if he doesn't sack her. Gail and Phil spend a pleasant day together. Leanne's worried when Carol turns up unexpectedly. Carol wants to know why they're postponing their wedding and accuses Leanne of messing Jamie around. Liz tells envious Eileen and Bev about her night of passion with Andy her toy boy. Lloyd tells Steve he's got to get rid of Ronnie to avoid any trouble. Leanne tries to convince Carol how much she loves Jamie but Carol senses something's wrong. Carol forces the truth out of Frankie. She's disgusted to learn that Danny's been having an affair with his son's girlfriend. Frankie pleads with her not to tell Jamie. In front of Danny, Frankie and Leanne, drunken Carol tells Jamie that his dad's been having an affair with his girlfriend. Ronnie tells Steve it's best if she leaves but Steve's smitten and begs her not to go but to stay with him. Ronnie gives in and they hold each other. Devastated Jamie drives off in the company van.


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