Frankie's on the brink of telling Jamie about Danny and Leanne's affair but Leanne manages to stall her by telling Frankie the wedding's off. Gail cancels her evening with Phil telling him she needs to spend the evening with Sarah. He's disappointed. Leanne gets Frankie on her own and begs her not to tell Jamie. Frankie's vitriolic saying she'd like to nail Leanne's tongue to the door. Liz, Eileen and Deirdre call round to Frankie's armed with bottles of wine to cheer her up. Liz leaves early for her date with the toy boy. Jamie tells Danny he's all mouth and trousers. Danny tells Jamie he loves him. Nathan fixes Charlie's van for him for free. Steve admits to Lloyd he didn't sack Ronnie and is in fact now seeing her. Lloyd thinks he's mad messing around with Jimmy Clayton's wife. Gail persuades Sarah to give Phil a chance. Martin takes Robyn back to his flat. They kiss passionately. Jamie tells Leanne he's told Carol about their engagement. Danny desperately tries to persuade Frankie to take him back promising it'll never happen again. But Frankie's adamant he's blown it and throws him out.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Lloyd panics about receiving a visit from Ronnie's thuggish ex-husband Jimmy when Steve admits he's started seeing her; Jamie asks Frankie why she's not keen on his relationship with fiancée Leanne, but she stops short of telling him the truth.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,160,000 viewers (1st place).
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