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Danny tells Frankie that he's staying round at Mike's flat and again begs her not to tell Jamie about his affair with Leanne. Jason fixes Gail's fence while she relaxes in a deckchair with her feet in the foot spa. It's Ronnie's first day working for Street Cars. While she's out her husband calls in. He's gangster Jimmy Clayton, owner of Connect Cabs. He tells Lloyd they mustn't employ Ronnie if she comes looking for a job. Lloyd and Eileen keep quiet. Janice tells Danny how Jamie and Leanne have just got engaged. Jamie and Leanne arrive back from Holland. Danny tells them he's been seeing someone else and Frankie's found out. Jamie's furious with him. Leanne's stunned. Gail's asleep with her feet in the foot spa. Eileen pours some of Jason's quick-dry cement into the foot spa. Jamie gives Frankie a comforting hug. Frankie hasn't the heart to tell him that the other woman is Leanne. Steve knows they should sack Ronnie to avoid trouble with her husband but he can't bring himself to and instead takes her home and kisses her passionately. Gail wakes up and finds her feet set solid in cement. Eileen enjoys taking the mickey. Frankie gives Leanne an ultimatum, she has to tell Jamie she no longer wants to marry him or Frankie will tell him the truth.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne and Jamie return from their trip to Holland, blissfully unaware the Baldwins have split up - though Frankie soon sets her love rival straight on the matter; and Steve is appalled to discover Ronnie comes with a few strings attached.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,270,000 viewers (4th place).
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