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Danny pretends he was joking but Frankie doesn't believe a word. Steve takes Ronnie for a drink in the Rovers. He's completely smitten on her. Thinking she's doing Tyrone and Maria a favour, Liz asks Steve if she can move into his flat with him. She's pleased when he agrees. Eileen's jealous when she sees Phil collect Gail for their dinner date. Sarah's not happy either, thinking Gail's making a mistake. Danny knows the game's up and admits to Frankie he's had an affair with Leanne. Frankie's disgusted that he'd sleep with his own son's girlfriend. When Lloyd hears Liz is moving out of the taxi office flat he says he'd be interested in moving in. Maria's appalled and makes arrangements to move into the salon flat with Fiz and Candice. Tyrone's fed up as he'd hoped they would have the cab office flat to themselves. Lloyd's delighted, suddenly finding he's got his own flat. Cilla cheekily asks Shelley if she can have her wedding dress. Shelley hands it over saying she's glad to be rid of it. Furious Frankie calls round at Janice's flat looking for Leanne. Janice feigns ignorance and explains Leanne's in Holland with Jamie. Charlie persuades Jason to take his old job back at the builder's yard. Jason arranges to meet up with Violet for a chat. Danny begs Frankie not to tell Jamie as he'd lose a son. Frankie throws Danny out.


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