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Violet pleads with Jason to forgive her but he can't. Leanne's cross with Janice, blaming her for the fact that Danny's put an end to their affair. A customer tries to pull a fast one on Kevin, but luckily Nathan recognises him from a couple of years back when he pulled a similar scam at a garage in Bolton. He gets the man up against the wall and punches him. Kevin and Tyrone are impressed. Jason lashes out at Charlie for kissing Violet and tells him to stick his job. Shelley tells Violet she can move into the Rovers. Lloyd cancels his date with Kelly. She's initially disappointed, but delighted when he later delivers her a bouquet of flowers. Martin and Robyn's relationship blossoms. Ashley and Claire can tell that love is in the air. Danny gets his own back on Janice and docks her wages. She's furious. Although Eileen's not impressed when Violet says she kissed Charlie, she can see how much Violet's hurting and how much she loves Jason. Danny and Leanne just can't give each other up and arrange another date. Eileen tells Jason he must try and forgive Violet as it's obvious they love each other.


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