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Jason and Violet decide to go clubbing at Milk tonight. Janice lights up a fag in the factory. Danny is losing patience with her. Charlie leers at Violet and reminds her about the kiss they shared. Violet's guilt-ridden and revolted by Charlie. Roy's worried about Diggory's impact on his lunchtime sandwich trade. Janice arrives back at work drunk. She threatens to tell Frankie about Danny's affair. Instead she tells Frankie how Carol stayed in her house while she was away. Frankie's furious with Danny and Jamie. Diggory wants Liz to deliver sandwiches on a bike. He puts up a sign saying "Liz's Hot Box". Liz tells him to take it down. Kelly has a great time with Lloyd at the Clock restaurant. She worries that she's too common to be in such a posh place but Lloyd assures her she looks fantastic. Danny tells Leanne their affair is over as he's worried Janice will spill the beans to Frankie. Leanne's fuming thinking him a coward. Jason and Violet arrive back from a great night clubbing. Violet can no longer live with the guilt and tells Jason how Charlie kissed her and she reciprocated. Jason's heartbroken.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Violet finds that honesty isn't always the best policy; Danny calls Janice's bluff when she suggests he buy her silence; and male customers flock to see the lovely Liz at the bakery.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,650,000 viewers (6th place).
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