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Diggory continues to leer at Liz in the baker's shop. Janice enjoys winding Danny up. She takes extra fag breaks and calls him "Baldy". Danny's fuming. Jamie arrives back from Holland and hugs Leanne, delighted to see her again. Tracy enjoys playing happy families with Nathan and Amy just to wind Steve up. Phil interviews Sarah for his thesis on serial killers. Gail leaves them to it and goes for a drink. She's upset to find Eileen in the Rovers all dolled up and apparently waiting for Phil. Gail goes home and throws Phil out accusing him of using her and Sarah. Phil's bemused and wonders if Eileen's been stirring things. Gail admits to Sarah she really fancied Phil. Kelly, Joanne and Janice decide to follow Lloyd to find out what he's up to. Nathan and Ashley go running together. Claire finds herself having to spend the evening with Tracy whom she disapproves of. Sarah tells Eileen what she thinks of her for upsetting Gail. Diggory suggests to Liz she does sandwich deliveries to the cab office. Danny tells Leanne he can't take much more lip from Janice and insists she have a word with her. Leanne doesn't take him seriously. Kelly's gutted to see Lloyd kissing a leggy blonde and realises she's being two-timed.


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