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Bev agrees to move back in to the Rovers and her old job, with Charlie gone. Eileen and Jason let Charlie shower and change at No.11 and they're relieved when he says he's going to carry on with his business. Violet's worried that Shelley might want her to leave after admitting to kissing Charlie, but Shelley blames Charlie for it and assures her she still has a job. Bev leaves her job at the Weatherfield Arms. Liz is understanding but Lawrence the landlord isn't and takes it out on Liz. Phil arranges to go round to No.8 to question Gail over her relationship with Richard Hillman for research purposes. Eileen sees them talking and is jealous. The Scarsdale Fox and Bernard the Weatherfield County Cockerel meet, in costume, on the street. Martin's amazed to discover the Fox is an attractive girl called Robyn. They hit it off and Martin asks her out on a date. Liz tells Lawrence to stick his job and walks out. Diggory offers her a job in his baker's shop. Status Quo arrives in the Rovers. Charlie calls to see Shelley determined to win her back. However Shelley sticks to her guns citing him as the cause of all her problems. Furious Charlie storms out.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Status Quo pop into the Rovers for a quick pint following a nearby gig; Martin tussles with his mascot rival again, but is surprised when the face behind the mask is revealed; and the wedding guests are left to gossip as Shelley and Charlie's ceremony reaches its conclusion.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,330,000 viewers (5th place).
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