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Mike ropes Danny in to taking Adam to a trade fair in Manchester. Jamie's envious wishing Danny would take as much interest in him. Rita finds out about Norris's job offer when Angela visits them both in The Kabin. Norris turns the job down and Angela accuses him of being in love with Rita. Chesney tries to play a trick on Sophie, with blackened binoculars but it backfires on him. He goes into the bathroom and walks in on Sally having a shower. Charlie forces Shelley to tell Zack she doesn't want to see him any more. Zack leaves telling her she only has to phone him if she changes her mind. Audrey offers Keith Alf's old clothes. Whilst sorting through them she discovers Alf's old camera complete with undeveloped film. Mike, seeing Jamie unhappy with his chores, offers to take him to the trade fair. While Jason is preparing for the stag night he lets slip to Violet that Charlie has been unfaithful to Shelley. Violet's appalled. Charlie tells Shelley he's going to enjoy his last night of freedom and leaves. Shelley's frightened at the prospect of a night on her own. Chesney confides in Les about seeing Sally naked. Les twists it and tells everyone how Sally's been flaunting herself in front of Chesney. Rita admits she's pleased Norris won't be leaving and offers him a junior partnership in The Kabin. Norris is delighted. Sally's mortified to discover everyone knows Chesney saw her naked. Audrey, Keith and Gail look through the developed photos and Audrey is stunned to see a picture of Alf and Rita in together in Blackpool. Bev and Sunita throw a surprise hen night for Shelley but she wishes they hadn't.


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