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Fiz begs Molly to leave Kirk alone, but she's exposed her greatest weakness and Molly intends to take full advantage. Bev thinks that it was Charlie following her last night, but Liz thinks she's paranoid. Liz takes no notice when Bev warns her that Barry is obviously married. Rosie helps look after the pig and puts sun cream on it to protect it from the sun. She's horrified when Keith teases her that the cream will make the crackling crispier. Norris has a job interview with a dynamic new company. He's thrown into a panic when the interviewer is Neville Hawthorne, his ex-stepson. The drivers have fun with their call signs, until Les offends Eileen by calling her "Attila the Hun". Lloyd suggests a works night out to vote on the call signs. Neville enjoys tormenting Norris and offers him a job as tea boy. Tracy overhears that Steve's planning a night out and asks him to babysit Amy. Steve can't refuse and is left with a sleeping baby, whilst the drivers have a wild time. Bev is shaken when Charlie warns her not to do anything to mess up the wedding. Bev spots a mystery car outside her flat. The driver ducks out of sight.


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