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Fiz is sick with worry that Molly will try to take Kirk off her. Shelley thinks about asking Bev to give her away. She's shocked when Charlie tells her that Bev has offered him money to leave Shelley. Keith invites Audrey to come shopping for a suit, to prove he's not miserly. Audrey's exasperated when he buys one for £10 in a charity shop. Tracy hides in the cafe with Amy as she wants to avoid Steve. Lloyd decides to boost staff morale by giving everyone call signs. Lloyd is "Lone Wolf", Les is "Alpha Male" and Claire is "Pink Lady". Steve won't join in. Charlie threatens to postpone the wedding when Shelley tries to defend Bev. He decides that he'd rather see Bev's face in church when he's marrying her daughter. Martin is pounced on by two small boys at the Fun Day on the Red Rec, where he's guesting as the Bernard the Weatherfield Cockerel. They wrench off his head and run off, revealing a red-faced Martin. Nathan gives chase. Martin goes to the Rovers in costume and fends off various chicken jibes. Liz flirts with Barry the plumber. Bev warns her that he looks like trouble. Fiz gets in a state when Kirk is late. She heads off to the kennels to sort him out. Kirk is very impressed with Molly. He's riveted when Molly takes off her top, claiming that a flea has jumped down there.


Regular cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Barry - Richard Ridings



  • TV Times synopsis: Molly's mind is on revenge as she makes a play for the hapless Kirk, while Fiz tells Hayley she's worried about leaving her boyfriend alone with her latest rival. Charlie tells Shelley about Bev’s attempts to bribe him.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,520,000 viewers (2nd place).
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