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Sally embarks on home tutoring Sophie and sets her a spelling lesson. Sophie slacks all day, so Sally drags her to the factory to keep an eye on her. Rosie continues to moon over Nathan. Gail tells Audrey that she'll be strictly colleagues with Phil from now on. Norris sets off for his interview, repeating a mantra of positivity. Shelley's task for the day is to take Charlie his sandwiches. Claire has impressed a punter, Mal Quillan, with her promptitude and he wants to set up a contract with Street Cars for his chain of pubs. Steve insists on meeting Mr Quillan himself and sends Lloyd off on a job. Fiz and Maria squabble over the chores to be done at the kennels. Maria is amazed when a couple of unruly dogs immediately obey Molly's command. Tracy arranges lunch with Deirdre but she goes to the Rovers with Nathan instead. With Zack's help, Shelley overcomes her worst fear as she bumps into Bev on the way to the yard. Charlie undermines Shelley's achievement with a snide comment about the type of bread she's bought. She tearfully curses her stupidity. Tracy's missing and Deirdre's late for work. Desperate, Deirdre phones Steve and asks him to come and look after Amy. Steve tells Claire to stall Mal Quillan until he gets back. Shelley's determined to buy Charlie the right type of bread. and plans to face Sunita at the corner shop. Zack tells her not to rush things. Tracy eventually returns home and is furious to see Steve there with Amy and Deirdre.


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