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It's Sophie and Chesney's first day at Weatherfield High. Sally gives Chesney an old grey jumper of Rosie's when he turns up at No.13 with the wrong colour jumper and no blazer. Carol fusses around Jamie, lavishing huge meals on him and doing his ironing. Leanne makes digs about Carol's drinking. Claire receives a less than enthusiastic response to her park's volunteer campaign. Tyrone secretly tries to organise a big fortieth bash for Kevin, complete with limos and strippergrams. Kevin knows exactly what he's up to. Sophie is home early, and is upset. She's been told that the school hasn't received her application and there isn't a place for her. Emily agrees to help Claire with the park project. Carol storms out when Leanne accuses her of driving Jamie away by smothering him, just like she did with Danny. Jamie gently offers to drive Carol home, but she declares that she's been evicted, so he's stuck with her. Sally goes to see the head of Weatherfield High - it's Mr Lewis, Rosie's old year nine head, who Sally had a run-in with the previous July. He's facing round two in a stronger position, and confirms that there is no room for Sophie at the school. Sally all but begs, but Sophie will have to go to the bottom of the waiting list.


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