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Sally treats Sophie's hair for a case of nits. Steve is back from Spain. He has a date for the hearing in two weeks' time. Danny and Frankie have gone to Seville, so Jamie has got No.7 to himself. He convinces Leanne to pull a sickie for the day. Deirdre and Bev take Amy to Knowsley Safari Park. A monkey steals Deirdre's glasses and she's forced to revert to an old 80s pair. Mike hasn't turned up for work and the factory girls are locked out. Hayley calls on Jamie to see if he has a spare key. Leanne's in Frankie's dressing gown, but claims a twenty-four hour flu. Sophie and Chesney are having a kick about when a ball hits Janice. She grabs Sophie and goes head to head with her, whilst Chesney jumps on her back. Steve is aghast to find he has a new partner. Dev assures him that Lloyd is trustworthy. Claire is moved to tears as Brian - one of her punters, tells her about his attempts to give the communal garden at the Red Rec a makeover. Janice is sent home with nits. Sally feigns horror. Penny gives Mike a hard time for playing golf instead of opening up the factory. He claims that it's Danny's fault for not making arrangements to open up. Steve tells Eileen about his worries for Amy's future. He wants to be a part of her life. Janice is drunk, with a nit comb stuck in her hair. Sean volunteers to shave her head, whilst Joanne and Jessie look on, agog.


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