Eileen tries to wind Gail up by suggesting that she and Phil had a "session". Gail is quietly smug, and it's obvious she's been up to something. Candice gives Adam a good luck teddy for his driving test later. Audrey is intrigued to know why Keith had booked their table so early - 5.15pm. Phil furiously berates Gail after his hauling in from Donald. She's mortified when it becomes obvious that he's innocent, but now wants nothing more to do with her. Ken gives Adam £500 to buy a new car when he passes his driving test first time. Candice volunteers to go with him to the motor auctions. Cilla and Yana get emotional trying on wedding outfits: Cilla's a meringue vision. Keith tries to hurry Audrey along to the pizzeria. He's distraught to miss the Early Bird special by four minutes. Audrey is oblivious and orders king prawns. Eileen gives Gail short shrift when Gail accuses her of lying about Phil. Kelly and Lloyd have a great date at the Clock. Walking home, a beggar girl recognises Kelly and calls out to her. Kelly rushes home, badly shaken. Zack tries to determine Shelley's goals. She admits that, after her experience with Peter, the thing that frightens her most is another wedding ceremony. Moved by her distress, Charlie assures her that they will marry and proposes.


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