Elsie accuses Val of being the caller and tells her she's sick and needs a doctor. Val is stunned by her ferocity. Ena joins them and offers herself as a referee. Elsie is sure that Val is guilty as she's been slagging her off in the Rovers. Ena makes her see that it couldn't be Val as they share a party line. Elsie leaves without apology. The incident causes Val to break down. Len does a job at the Laundryer and tells Elsie she's been sacked for taking too much time off. Elsie is reluctant to call the police until the woman shows her hand. Len feels he's done all he can but Ena makes it her mission to catch the caller. Elsie suggests Hilda go after her old job. Hilda thinks she has a cheek and accuses her of thinking she's lady muck for not recommending her for the launderette job. Elsie and Val make up and Val is in time to hear one of the phone calls. Ena sees Hilda making a payphone call and makes a note of the phone number she wrote down on a directory. Minnie tells the residents about the calls and is told off for gossiping by Ena. Elsie keeps the phone off the hook and suspects Dot Greenhalgh is her tormentor. Ena confirms that the number she found is Elsie's and informs her that Hilda is the caller. Remembering the Ena of old, Linda is surprised when Elsie takes her word for it and points out that Hilda could have been calling anyone from the phone box. Elsie confronts Hilda who breaks down and admits that she made the call - but only one.


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