Deflecting Charlie's aggression, Zack gives his opinion that Shelley would benefit from counselling and plans the first session for that week. Charlie can only agree. When Les confirms that Lloyd does indeed own half of Street Cars, Kelly agrees to meet him in the Rovers. Charlie interrogates Shelley about her therapy. He doesn't believe her protestations that she didn't talk about him. Norris opens his sealed reference from Rita. Unhappy with its contents, he rewrites his own glowing report. She signs it, confident that no one will ever read it anyway. After Audrey points out that Adam will one day inherit Underworld, Candice makes a beeline for him. Gail is furious when she sees Phil going into Eileen's house. She's insistent that Donald talks to him about his unethical behaviour. Eileen kicks herself for telling Phil about Gail's past sagas - she's made Gail sound like the most interesting woman in the world. Charlie's incensed to hear that Zack will be dropping off a relaxation tape for Shelley later. He resolves to sack him that evening. With Zack's encouragement, Shelley completes her first task and takes down the waste-bins. Faced with her delight at this small step, Charlie has to keep quiet.


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