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Phil's car is still parked outside No.11 in the morning. Gail's livid thinking he's stayed the night with Eileen. Jack and Vera have returned from Southport. Jason thinks Phil's stayed the night and is disgusted with Eileen. She and Sean are amused and don't tell him the truth - the car's just waiting for an MOT at the garage. Gail rows with Jason in The Kabin, likening his behaviour to his mother's and citing the time when Jason tried it on with her. Norris is agog. Norris goes to fetch Rita who's gone for a lie down. He finds her asleep but, when she won't respond, becomes convinced she's dead. Devastated, he breaks the news to Blanche, Sally and Jack. They all come upstairs and tearfully gaze at Rita. Everyone, including Rita, gets the fright of their lives when she wakes up. Audrey's put out when her date with Keith turns out to be lunch at the Rovers. However he showers her with compliments and they get on well. Norris worries about his future without Rita. He asks her if he can buy a share of The Kabin but she refuses. Phil's bemused when Gail's cold towards him. Gail and Eileen finish up rowing over Phil. Gail tells Sarah if Eileen wants Phil for herself she's going to have a fight on her hands.


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