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Jack finally admits he's missing Vera and today is their forty-eighth wedding anniversary. Sophie tells Chesney she's going to wangle some new trainers out of her parents. Both Gail and Eileen book home appointments with Phil. Sophie makes Kevin and Sally feel guilty over the money they spend on Rosie, so they buy her the trainers she wants. It's soon clear this was part of Sophie's plan. Charlie forces Shelley to see the doctor who puts her on a course of antidepressants and recommends therapy but there's a waiting list. Jack tracks down Vera in Southport. Initially they bicker but soon they're reminiscing about the dirty weekend they had in Southport forty-nine years ago. Phil massages Gail's feet but she's disappointed when he can't stay to dinner and furious to discover it's because he's due at No.11 to do Eileen's feet. Phil compliments Eileen on her feet. Eileen's in seventh heaven. Audrey asks Keith out for a date as she's fed up with waiting for him to make the first move. Keith's pleased. Jack and Vera patch up their marriage and agree they can't live without each other.


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  • TV Times synopsis: A lonely Vera struggles to hold back the tears in Southport, but even though he's missing her, Jack's too stubborn to track her down. The doctor suggests Shelley starts a course of antidepressants; and Phil's healing hands put Gail on cloud nine.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,570,000 viewers (4th place).
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