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Charlie takes the girl into the back room of the Rovers where they have sex. Furious Liz tells Bob it's over and leaves in a cab. Sean and Tim White have a meal out together. As they're waiting for the bill, Tim's boyfriend Lee turns up. Sean's devastated to find he's been two-timed. Liz recounts her evening with Bob to Bev. Bev finds it funny and insists they get Bob round to her flat so she can put him in his place. Liz reluctantly agrees. Shelley comes downstairs and catches Charlie with the other woman. Tim texts Sean wanting to explain things. Eileen and Violet insist he tells Tim where to go. Emily and Freda reminisce over some old photographs. Emily gets upset talking about Ernest. Kelly makes a play for Lloyd. She's delighted when he asks her out. Norris tells Freda off for upsetting Emily. Bev and Liz wind Bob up by pretending they've reported him to the police as a pornographer. Eventually they come clean and Bob's relief is evident. Shelley confronts Charlie. He tells her that it's her fault as she's driven him to this. When he says he'll leave in the morning, hysterical Shelley begs him to stay and says they should get married, but Charlie's adamant he's going.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Shelley prepares herself to confront cheating Charlie; Liz is appalled by Bob's behaviour and plots her revenge; while Sean is heart-broken when Tim's boyfriend turns up in the middle of their date.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,530,000 viewers (1st place).
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