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Sunita's scared at the thought of twins. She tries to talk to Dev about it but nothing can dampen his euphoria and he doesn't listen. Sunita's frustrated. Vera tells Frankie how Jack's continually winding her up on purpose. Sunita phones the estate agents to up their offer on the house. Dev's furious and insists she retract it. Mike, Penny and Adam go for Sunday lunch at No.7. The atmosphere is strained. Mike's nervous around Danny and when Frankie asks Leanne if she'd like to move in, Leanne and Danny are gobsmacked. Kelly's rude to Lloyd until she discovers he's about to become a half-owner of Street Cars, but it's too late and Lloyd tells her that he's lost interest. Shelley spends ages on her make-up and looks a million dollars, but she still can't sum up the confidence to go downstairs. Charlie tries to seduce her but she refuses to have sex saying how much she loathes herself. Charlie's patience is running out. Dev buys Sunita a ring containing two garnet birthstones to signify the twins' birth. Sunita despairs at his lack of understanding of how she feels. Vera's distraught to find Jack's got his pigeons in the house. Upset Vera tells Frankie that Jack's gone too far and after forty-seven years, she's left him for good.


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