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Danny hides in the hotel bedroom and sends Leanne out by herself. Emily's niece Freda Burgess arrives from Bradford. Norris is rude but Freda's oblivious. As she explains to Emily, she's deaf and has to lip-read. Frankie's disappointed when Leanne comes out of the hotel by herself. Leanne lies brilliantly and turns the tables so that Frankie ends up feeling guilty. Emily and Freda enjoy reminiscing about Ernie and his photography. In the Rovers, Kelly takes the mickey out of Adam in front of the girls. Adam's smitten but Mike's unimpressed to see his son fraternising with the workforce. Leanne heads back to Danny in the hotel room and they kiss passionately. Over dinner Gail explains to Keith how she's not looking for a relationship. Keith's bemused and tells Gail it's Audrey he fancies, not her. Maria's appalled at the state of the kennels. She points out to Fiz that the dogs need routine and discovers that one of them has almost destroyed the appointments diary. Penny's worried at the way the factory girls are treating Adam but Mike doesn't appear bothered. Penny's frustrated. When Norris learns that Freda's deaf he immediately backtracks saying what a kind person she is. Emily invites Freda to stay the night. Jack plays Vera at her own game. He goes out of his way to annoy her so she'll shout at him - therefore increasing her life span.


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