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Fiz wakes up and is shocked to find Mitzi in the bed next to her. Kirk tries to placate her telling her that she's got a real bond with the dogs and is in fact a dog whisperer. Keith offers to sort out Gail's garden for her. David reckons Keith fancies Gail. Tracy's received a police caution. Ken thinks she's brought it all on herself. Deirdre's more sympathetic, worried that she might leave home. Kirk gets a call from his mum. She wants Kirk to go out to Cyprus and help with the donkey sanctuary as his dad's slipped a disc. Fiz is furious at the thought of being left to run the kennels alone. Maria's secretly pleased. Bob takes Liz to the Clock restaurant to meet some of his friends. Initially Liz feels out of her depth. She drinks too much, makes crass comments and tells loud jokes. Bev meets Fred for dinner at the Clock. Fred pleads with her to come and run the Rovers for him but Bev's determined it's Shelley's job. Liz admits to Bob and his friends how nervous she was of meeting them and apologises for her behaviour. In turn they tell her how warm and funny she is. Kirk leaves for Cyprus. Tyrone and Maria offer to help run the kennels whilst he's away. Liz arrives back to find Steve leaving in a taxi. He explains he's going to stay with Andy in Spain for a while as he's emotionally drained. Bev gets emotional and pleads with Fred not to sack Shelley.


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