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Tracy continues to feign panic pretending Amy's been kidnapped. Danny's in emotional turmoil. He pours his heart out to Frankie about how he and his dad were never close as they were such different people. Claire's becoming suspicious of Ashley and Fred, thinking they're hiding something from her. Tracy tells the police she suspects Steve has taken Amy. She makes out he's not Amy's father but has been stalking them for weeks. Fiz and Maria are daggers drawn over the kennels. Fiz is getting tired of the long hours and hard graft already. Steve's arrested at the airport. He's furious when he realises Tracy set him up and even put Amy's passport in her changing bag to make it more convincing. Nathan continues to train Ashley in the garage. He provokes Ashley into punching him in an attempt to convince Ashley he's in with a chance of winning. Sean spots Tim White in the Rovers. Sean babbles nervously telling Tim more lies about his imaginary dog "Bella-Sinead". Tim's disappointed Sean couldn't just be honest with him. Liz is furious with Tracy when she hears how she set Steve up. Deirdre doesn't know what to believe. Steve's released pending further enquiries.


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