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Bev arrives and seeing Shelley's bruised eyes, again thinks Charlie's been beating her up. Shelley tells her she's had plastic surgery.Bev's disbelieving until Shelley thrusts the receipt from the clinic in front of her. Shelley throws Bev out of the Rovers in front of everyone. Deirdre tries to console a distraught Bev. Charlie insists they should leave for Scotland but Shelley refuses. Charlie's furious, calling her a miserable cow. He storms out saying he's leaving. Sean pretends he's got a dog called Bella-Sinead and arranges to meet Tim White on Sunday to go for a walk with the dog. The regulars in the Rovers can hear Charlie and Shelley having words. Violet goes to see if Shelley's okay but she tells Violet to leave her alone. Charlie changes his mind realising how pleased Bev will be if he leaves. He returns and Shelley's pitifully grateful. Sean gives Betty a new kitten to replace Marmaduke. Sean arranges to borrow a dog, Buster, from Kirk so he can pretend it's his. Kirk tells Maria that there's no way they're selling the kennels. Charlie goes to see Bev. Menacingly he tells her how he knows that she's been phoning his customers. Bev goads him hoping he'll hit her but Charlie's too clever to fall for it and enjoys telling her how he keeps Shelley like a caged bird who's grateful for everything he does. Bev's terrified of him.


Regular cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Tim White - Edward MacLiam



  • TV Times synopsis: Shelley's bruised appearance shocks everyone in the Rovers; and Sean looks for the ideal dog to impress handsome vet Tim after lying to him.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,310,000 viewers (1st place).
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