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Violet says that she still feels ill. Jason wonders if she's pregnant. Candice tells Audrey and Maria how Warren was just a nobody and she's going to get herself a proper celebrity boyfriend. Sean takes Betty's cat Marmaduke to the vets for her in order for him to get closer to Tim White but Marmaduke's very old and ill and Tim has to put him down. Sean dreads telling Betty. Liz plans a surprise for Bob - she's booked them tickets for a dinner-dance on a Liverpool ferry. Roy sells his grandfather's patent to Green Door Hotels, an eco-friendly hotel chain, so they can conserve energy. He sells it for very little money. Jason asks Violet if she's pregnant. She assures him that she's not but Jason's disappointed. Violet hugs him and tells him that she loves him. Frankie's furious with Candice for dumping Warren. She calls her a back-street little tart with no talent. Warren's ecstatic when he hears that he's being transferred to Real Aquila, a first division Spanish football club. Candice is absolutely gutted at what she's lost. Bev goes through Charlie's invoices and phones each customer telling them Charlie's a cowboy builder, a rip-off merchant and a womaniser. Ciaran tells Shelley that he's fed up with trying to run the Rovers bar by himself. Betty's distraught to learn of Marmaduke's death. She goes to visit him at the vets and, in tears, says goodbye to him.


Regular cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Tim White - Edward MacLiam



  • Mr Hargreaves, a former customer of Charlie Stubbs who Bev Unwin speaks to on the phone is uncredited, despite lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Candice is dismayed when Warren gets a transfer to Spain and a chance of celebrity status into the bargain; Bev hatches a plot to blacken Charlie's name; and Sean borrows Betty's cat in an attempt to woo hunky vet Tim.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,110,000 viewers (4th place).
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