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Charlie again tries to take Shelley to bed but she can't bring herself to. Ashley's determined the fight with Marvin Maddocks is back on but Claire mustn't find out. Fred puts Ashley through a workout in the butcher's, using legs of lamb for dumb-bells and sides of beef as a punch bag. Bob takes Liz out for the day. She's shocked to find that he's rented mountain bikes. Tracy tells Steve he can see Amy for ten minutes in return for £50 and a taxi into town. Steve pays her but is furious when Tracy doesn't keep her side of the bargain. Shelley tries to summon up the courage to go outside but breaks down at the last minute. Violet tries to comfort her as she sobs in her arms. Nathan agrees to become Ashley's boxing trainer, with Fred as his manager. Scooter and Sarah scale the fence into Mrs Maloney's garden to check up on the sick fish. Scooter collects a sample of water from the pond and resolves to go back and rescue the fish. Bob and Liz arrive back from their cycling trip. To Liz's surprise she really enjoyed herself and feels totally relaxed in Bob's company. Shelley admits she needs some help. Charlie's shocked when she announces she wants plastic surgery.


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