Fred tells Shelley that he's running out of patience and wants her to see a doctor. Martin has tea with Gail and the kids. Scooter tells them that he's worried about Mrs Maloney's fish. Martin gets upset, realising he misses family life. Jamie goes back to No.7 and pours his heart out to Frankie. She's annoyed when Jamie decides to carry on seeing Leanne. Fred and Ashley tell Claire about the proposed boxing fight. Claire's appalled and bans Ashley from taking part. Charlie tells Shelley if she can't make the effort and come downstairs he's having a night out on the town. She remains in her bedroom miserable and forlorn. Steve manages to glean from Ken that Tracy is staying with Peter in Portsmouth. Joanne and Jessie continue to bicker over Dwayne, driving Sean up the wall. Jamie and Leanne agree to carry on as before, with Jamie living at No.7. Leanne guiltily tells him that he'd be better off without her. Charlie lets Ciaran go early and helps Violet to clear up. He tells her that he's thinking of leaving Shelley and suggests she should come with him. Violet thinks he's joking. Unbeknownst to both of them, Shelley is listening from the stairs.


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