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Frankie's hurt and upset at Danny for visiting Carol behind her back. Fred's incensed to discover Eddie Maddocks has been bribing Farmer Fletcher in order to get his best meat leaving Fred with the leftovers. Sean's got a crush on vet Tim White, and looks for an excuse to go and see him. Frankie pours her heart out to Eileen. Rita and Emily continue to read Norris's novel when he's not looking. They're perturbed to read about a threesome between "Naurice, Emilia and Riba". Jason turns up to mend Ken's guttering. He accidentally breaks the kitchen window and Ken's peaceful morning is ruined. He loses his rag and shouts at Jason. Fred suggests to Eddie Maddocks that they sort out their petty argument in a gentlemanly way. Eddie suggests they have a boxing match. Norris talks passionately about his novel saying a lot of its based on his own wish fulfilment. Rita and Emily feel uncomfortable. Cilla tells Sean that he can take Schmeichel to see Tim the vet if he agrees to pay his outstanding bill of £68.90. Jamie's drunk. He tells Danny that he's sick of being a constant disappointment to him and storms out saying he's leaving for good.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Frankie seeks sympathy from Eileen as she reflects on her husband's deception over Carol, but is still unaware of his current infidelity; Fred and his rival decide to settle their differences, and Sean's infatuation with the vet leads him to Schmeichel.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,420,000 viewers (4th place).
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