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It's the day for Steve and Tracy go to court and sign the papers giving Steve parental rights over Amy. Tracy likens it to a wedding day as she feels it's a sign of their commitment to each other. Steve continues to string her along. Bev makes Ciaran promise to keep an eye on Shelley for her. Charlie watches them from a distance. Sarah promises Gail that they'll be more considerate in the future. She suggests they start paying rent and Scooter moves in officially however Gail's unsure. Tracy overhears Blanche telling Danny that she's sold No.7 to a landlord that Steve recommended. Tracy's furious. Roy plans to build his grandfather's invention. Hayley tries to dissuade him. Tracy confronts Steve over the house sale. He lies saying he couldn't afford it but didn't want to let her down. Charlie gets Ciaran to help him unload some timber. He tells Ciaran how much he loves Shelley and wants her well again. Steve and Tracy are at court about to sign the papers when suddenly Tracy realises what's going on. She accuses Steve of leading her up the garden path just to secure his legal rights over Amy. Tracy refuses to sign the papers. Distraught Tracy tells Ken and Deirdre how Steve doesn't love her at all, only Amy. Tracy and Amy leave for Portsmouth. Tracy tells Steve that he'll never see Amy again.


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  • Office Clerk - Eilis Hetherington



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