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Deirdre decides she'll accompany Blanche to Poland for her operation. Roy admits to Hayley that Amy was the closest he ever got to being a father and he's loathe to give it up. Sunita continues to sulk with Dev over his sexist attitudes. He then makes a sexist remark to Violet and Ken who are quick to point it out, much to Sunita's amusement. Gail's annoyed to find the house a tip. She gives Sarah and Scooter a telling-off. Scooter packs his things and leaves. Sarah's furious with Gail. Steve's delighted when Roy changes his mind and gives him a letter requesting his name be taken off Amy's birth certificate. Roy shows Chesney a Meccano model of his grandfather's patent invention which he's built. Charlie tries to kiss Shelley passionately but she pushes him away saying she still feels drained. Charlie's furious and accuses her of turning into a control freak. Shelley's upset. Steve tells Blanche that he and Tracy won't be buying No.7 as he hasn't got the money. He asks her not to tell Tracy as he wants to tell her himself. Steve explains to Liz that he'll string Tracy along until Friday, by which time he'll have full parental rights over Amy.


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