Shelley tells Charlie that she can't face people. He's disgusted with her. Roy continues to experiment in the café, all the time with the door, which gets on Hayley's nerves. Tracy and Steve ask Roy to write a letter requesting that his name be removed from Amy's birth certificate but Roy refuses which baffles Hayley. Bev asks Liz to stay with her in the bar. Lloyd agrees to give Claire cab-driving lessons in return for dirt on Dev. Sarah takes Scooter to casualty when he cuts himself on a rusty nail. Gail's cross that Sarah used one of her best napkins as a bandage. Blanche and Lena Thistlewood surf the internet for hip replacements. Blanche decides she'll get it done in Poland. Shelley can't bring herself to leave her room. Dev tells Lloyd he's hoping for a boy. Roy tells Steve and Tracy that he refuses to tell the letter. Deirdre is exasperated when Blanche decides to fund her hip with a loan from Shelley enters the bar. To Bev's dismay, Shelley tells her to get out as she's barred. Charlie's proud of her, but Shelley's near breaking point. He insists they go out to celebrate. Lloyd enjoys passes on what Dev said to Sunita. Charlie takes Shelley out for dinner but she's nervous. Steve loses temper with Roy, pointing out that Amy's his daughter and he just wants to be a father to her. Charlie takes a call and tells Shelley to give the order but it's too much for her. She suffers a major panic attack and runs from the restaurant. Hayley can't get Roy to tell her why he won't take his name off the certificate. Sunita's furious that Dev only wants a son and storms out of the Corner Shop in tears. Bev sees Shelley running towards the pub looking scared. She assumes Charlie's been threatening her.


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